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Table Saw Defect Law

There is a   Table saw Injury every 9 minutes

Every year there are:

  • Over 60,000 injuries
  • Over 3000 amputations
  • $2 billion in injury related costs

According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission

Many of those injuries could have been prevented by an additional safety device that the tool manufacturers have been aware of since at least 2000. Why haven’t they adopted this new technology? Just like the auto manufacturers had to be held accountable by the victims of car accidents until they finally were forced to put airbags and seatbelts in vehicles, the tool manufacturers will have to be held accountable. By you. And we can help.

If you have been injured in a table saw accident where your hand or body made contact with a spinning blade please fill out the inquiry form on our contact page to contact a Florida Personal Injury Attorney with our firm. If we can prove that the table saw that caused your accident was defective as manufactured because they didn’t implement this new safety device then we can move one step closer to forcing the tool manufacturers to make a safer product.

Read about the new technology.

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